Garden Beds

Low walls or planter boxes are ideal for terraced gardens or can be used to raise your lawn or garden beds to create formal designs or used to define different parts of your outdoor area. There are many options available, and the most suitable block for you project will depend mainly on the wall height you want to achieve. 

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Remabloc415              400x200x150mm


Remabloc2416-B        500x245x165mm Bevel          garden_bed_remastone.jpg

Remabloc2515-F        500x250x150mm Flat

Remabloc2515-B        500x250x150mm Bevel

Remabloc2520-F        500x250x200mm Flat

Remabloc2520-B        500x250x200mm Bevel

Remabloc430-F          400x300x190mm Flat

Remabloc430-B          400x300x190mm Bevel

Remabloc315              500x300x150mmDSCF0507_reduced.JPG

Remabloc319              500x300x190mm

Remabloc3515-F        500x350x150mm Flat

Remabloc3515-B        500x350x150mm Bevel

Remabloc3520-F        500x350x200mm Flat

Remabloc3520-B       500x350x150mm Bevel

Remabloc3535-F       350x350x165mm Flat

Remabloc3535-B       350x350x165mm Bevel