5 Interior Wall Features You Can Create with Stone Cladding

5 Interior Wall Features You Can Create with Stone Cladding

If you’re looking for a way to add some character to a blank stretch of wall space, you should definitely consider a stone cladding feature. While paint and wall art can breathe some life into an empty wall, stone cladding can add beautiful textures and visual interest to make a stronger interior design statement. Here are five creative ways to use stone walls in your home.

#1 Shower Walls

Hallways and living rooms are the areas that most tend to look at first when thinking about an interior feature, but every wall space in your home has the potential to be styled.

Give your bathroom some wow factor by using stone cladding to decorate a section of your shower walls. You can get panels made from smooth tiles that are user-friendly for a shower setting and also easy to clean.

Plus, as cladding tends to come in natural shades, it is likely to complement almost any neutral bathroom colour scheme. A darker colour could be used to contrast with a light palette, or a similar shade could be used to blend the stone with its surrounds.

#2 TV Feature Wall

Remastone’s natural stone veneer: Cabernet


Wall mounted TV screens are becoming increasingly popular, but while the sleek and minimalist style creates a modern look with clean lines, it can also lead to a large amount of unused wall space.

You could easily spruce up the blank walls around your TV with stone cladding. With the dark wall trend on the rise, you could go for a black quartz or a warm ashburn. Bold and dramatic, dark walls can be used to make your TV look almost invisible and are best used alongside contrasting accent colours and textures.

Alternatively, if you’re wanting more of a light and bright feel, you could try a barley style with a slight ochre tinge or a soft mix of silver and white, such as calacatta.

#3 Kitchen Splashback  

Why use plain, basic tiles when you could use stone cladding as a splashback in your kitchen? Natural stone cladding can make an excellent addition to any kitchen as it is highly durable and even fire resistant.

When it comes to aesthetics, it works well when paired with stone benchtops or timber floorboards. With a wide range of stone cladding styles available, you could use it to give your kitchen some rustic, country charm or to create an elegant and sophisticated look.

#4 Foyer Entrance Feature

Remastone’s natural stone veneer: Ebony

The first thing people see when they enter your home is your foyer area. No matter whether it’s a grand entrance or simply the beginning of a hallway that leads elsewhere, it’s important to use the right style and make the best impression.

Shelving Statement

You could combine an interior stone wall with shelving to showcase ornaments, décor or even greenery. Add the right accent lighting and you could have a stunning statement that greets people the moment they set foot in your home.

Mirrored Feature Wall

Another idea could be to use stone cladding as a border or a background for a large, decorative mirror to give your entry a spacious appearance.

Stone Wall Water Feature

Or if you’re wanting to be even more impressive, you could build a stone wall water feature with a cascading waterfall or a flowing water fountain.

#5 Laundry Walls  

As it is most often used for household chores, the laundry is a room in the home that is often neglected for its interior design potential. It’s an area that should be given a lot more thought considering guests are likely to visit it to use the toilet or gain alternative access to an outdoor patio.

To freshen up and modernise a tired, old laundry, you could apply stone cladding to the walls above and around your washing machine, cabinets or shelving. You could also use it as a splash back behind your laundry basin.

Got the Inspiration You Need?  

If you’ve decided how you will use a stone feature wall in your home, visit Remastone today to see how we can help you bring your vision to life. Our friendly team can guide you to choose the most suitable cladding product from our extensive range. Or if you’re still considering your options, feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas