Limestone Retaining Walls

There’s so many different ways you can use limestone retaining walls throughout your outdoor area. You can create visual interest by shaping your garden and also enjoy a lot of practical benefits, but the best part is you can achieve your desired look through a DIY solution using our limestone blocks.

Our high-quality limestone blocks are great long-term solutions for backyard structures.

We manufacture our reconstituted limestone blocks using the latest and greatest technology to ensure we’re offering you a durable product that’s built to last. When you use our reconstituted limestone blocks to construct your retaining walls, you know you’re adding style AND substance to your garden.

Maximise your outdoor space with retaining walls

Building retaining walls throughout your backyard is a great way to maximise your outdoor space. You can section your garden into different zones for various purposes, and if you have any sloping areas, a retaining wall can make this space usable by levelling it out.

Retaining walls can also be used to create levels in your backyard. You can build an upper level and use this area for entertaining, or to create height in your landscaping design. If you’ve got a pool, you can frame the space and even create a seating area. Alternatively, you could use a retaining wall to inject a burst of colour into your backyard with a bright flower bed. Whatever you decide, you’ll get all sorts of benefits out of your retaining wall, including improved drainage and reduced soil erosion.


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