Stone Cladding Interior Feature Walls

With Remastone cladding, you can apply the natural stone look to almost any room in your home. You can use it as a centrepiece to pull focus within a space, or you can blend it in with your existing décor to freshen up a room and accentuate other aspects of your interior design.

When covering your interior walls with decorative stone cladding, you can apply as much or as little as you like to achieve your preferred design. Entire walls within your main living areas can be dressed up, or you could use a less is more approach and only style a section of the wall, such as the area behind your TV or entertainment unit, or the foyer at the entrance of your home.

Interior feature wall inspiration

Some of our products that could work well over larger areas include our Ponderosa and Copper stone veneer options, as the classic, neutral colouring can complement a wide range of spaces. If you’re looking for something with more impact that will add a bold touch to a room, you could experiment with our Slate and Multicoloured stone cladding options.

While you can create stunning interior feature walls in your living room or entry hall, you can do much more with stone cladding than purely revamping blank wall space. You can also make interior features that have practical uses on top of being stylish additions to your home.For instance, you could build a stacked stone fireplace using our Ashburn stone veneers.

With various different designs in warm and earthy colours, these veneers would be well suited to any fireplace design.

Interior features aren’t limited to just your main living areas, either! You can use them in spaces you might not normally think to decorate, such as your bathroom or shower walls. For a luxurious look, you could cover your shower walls in our Black Quartz stone cladding, or if you’d prefer something subtler, you could use our Rockface cladding material.

All of these design ideas are completely doable as a DIY option, but if you need any guidance at all, visit one of our showrooms.


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