Limestone Garden Edging Features

When it comes to using garden edging to establish clear lines and defined borders within your backyard, there’s no better choice of material than Remastone limestone. Our blocks offer an ideal DIY solution to neatly and elegantly separate your lawn from your garden areas. While it directs the eye and creates a visually appealing frame, it also helps to prevent your lawn from running wild and spreading into your garden beds.

You can also use limestone edging to define the borders of a walkway or garden path, or to section various plant arrangements within your landscaping design. From straight lines to gradual curves and sophisticated loops, you can create a variety of shapes and patterns with limestone edging to add enhanced visual interest to your outdoors.

The ultimate choice

Stylistically, limestone makes a great addition to any garden as its creamy tones provide a contrast in colour to earth and foliage, while its natural stone textures blend seamlessly with landscaping designs.

What makes Remastone limestone the ultimate choice for your garden project is the quality of our blocks. Our computerised manufacturing plant ensures our limestone blocks maintain the crisp, cream colouring of the natural stone over time, and also have the strength to withstand all types of weather conditions. Once you install our limestone blocks around your landscaping, you can rest assured that your garden edging will last throughout the test of time.

From the Remastone range, you’ll want to select limestone blocks on the smaller end of the scale for garden edging. As a general guide, you’ll be able to achieve the best results with more narrow, rectangular shaped blocks that can either lie flat against one another or be tipped onto one side to give your edging a little bit of height. For more detailed guidance for your specific garden design, you can always contact us or visit one of our Perth showrooms before making any purchases online or in store.


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