Whether you’re building a driveway for a new home, or simply looking to freshen up your existing one, the Remastone range has an excellent selection of pavers that are sure to meet all your needs.

While no home is complete without a driveway, it is a space that is often overlooked when styling and renovating outdoor areas. You use your driveway almost every day as you come and go, so it needs to be able to handle the ongoing pressure of your tyres. It also needs to be able to hold up against all types of weather conditions throughout the year.

As your driveway is one of the largest features out the front of your home, the condition of your driveway is very important. Your choice of colours and the type of pavers you use to build your driveway also requires some consideration as all of these factors can make a major statement about your home.

Hardy pavers, manufactured at our Bibra Lake factory

Remastone offers a range of high quality products that are ideal to use for paving your driveway. Our manufacturing techniques allow us to produce hardy pavers that are built to last. As we understand the wear and tear your driveway will endure, we supply pavers comprised of tough materials, with options that boast an increased thickness to provide you with maximum strength and durability.

Widest range of pavers, from low-cost to high end luxury

Depending on the positioning of your home and the shape of your block, your driveway could potentially be quite an extensive area that requires a large quantity of pavers. That’s why our range includes such a wide variety, from highly affordable through to luxurious alternatives, so you can ensure you find a paving option that fits into your budget.


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