Backyard Paving

Every outdoor patio needs a floor space of some description, and it makes perfect sense to pave this area! Patio pavers are not only visually appealing, but also keep the area neat and tidy, while giving the ground the strength to support heavier items, like outdoor furniture and barbecues.

Diverse patio paving options

When it comes to laying patio pavers, there’s so many different designs you can choose from. You can opt for the simplicity of jack-on-jack, where pavers are layed in straight lines, or you can try more dynamic styles such as herringbone, which uses a zigzagging pattern. What’s more, you’re not limited to just the area underneath your pergola, there’s all sorts of other ways in which you can use pavers throughout your backyard.

Perfect pavers for entertaining areas of all sizes

If you have a sizeable outdoor area, you can use pavers to create walkways throughout your garden. Not only does this create a platform that allows you to take a leisurely stroll in your own backyard, but it also provides a convenient and comfortable spot you can use to access your nearby plants for tending and watering.

Alternatively, if your outdoor area is on the smaller side, you can use a garden path as a purely decorative feature that breaks up your landscaping design and injects a contrast of texture. Or you could simply use pavers as stepping stones across your lawn or pebbled areas to create a similar effect.

No matter how you decide to use outdoor paving, you’ll be able to find the perfect pavers for the task at Remastone. You can use our durable and affordable range of Rockford concrete for a classic, no frills design, or if you’d like to add a touch of class to your landscaping, you can opt for either our granite or travertine Natural Stone pavers. Our Porcelain paving range offers another step up again, with marble, ivory and other elegant finishes available.


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