At Remastone we specialise in manufacturing and supplying reconstituted limestone blocks that can help you make your outdoors outstanding.

Whether you’re looking to bring your ultimate landscaping project to life, or simply spruce up your existing backyard, you’ll find the perfect option in our range of limestone products. We offer a wide selection of limestone blocks in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit the needs of any outdoor space.

Manufactured here in Western Australia
Perth’s largest range of Limestone & Carbon Blocks, Outdoor Pavers & Stone Cladding
Guaranteed Delivery within 3-4 Working Days ( Perth Metro )
Available in Perth Metro & South West

The Remastone Difference

It’s this versatility that makes Remastone limestone an excellent addition to any landscaping design. Limestone has the ability to complement greenery, while also providing a contrast of colour and texture, and the end result can be absolutely stunning. From elegant retaining walls to stylish garden edging, you can use limestone as a bold statement or a simple embellishment.

A limestone structure can frame and shape your garden to draw attention to certain plants, or it can become a main feature on its own, depending on the effect you’d like to achieve. No matter how you use Remastone limestone blocks, there’s no doubt it’ll beautify your backyard and take your garden to the next level!

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Leading Limestone Blocks Supplier in Perth

As Perth’s highest quality supplier of reconstituted limestone blocks, our products are regularly sourced by professionals working within the landscaping and building industries.

We prepare our reconstituted limestone by combining crushed stones with cream cement to create a durable product that’s up to 3x stronger than the industry standard! Our process also ensures our blocks retain the natural stone colouring for much longer than unrefined limestone. What’s more, we use innovative, state of the art technology to preserve the unique, raw textures of the natural materials.

Our fully computerised production plant is only used by a handful of other operators in Australia, and it allows us to speed up our manufacturing times, which means faster delivery to our customers!

From our selection of blocks you can create your ideal limestone structure to your exact requirements. We offer a large range of limestone block shapes and sizes in varying shades of cream colours. From tall and square, to long and rectangular, there’s a block for every purpose imaginable! You also have the option to select from either flat or bevelled edging, according to what’s more practical or appealing to your project. With prices starting from $5.50 per block, you’re sure to find the perfect product within your price range.

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Where can you get our limestone blocks?

We manufacture all of our high quality limestone blocks at our Bibra Lake factory. Our blocks are readily available at our facility, we can also guarantee delivery in 3 working days.

If you’re not in the Bibra Lake area, and would like to look a the blocks yourselves, they are available at selected stockists around the Perth metropolitan area.

View the full list of our block stockists here.