Stone Cladding Exterior Features

You could completely transform your outdoors by using our wide range of stone cladding options. Through applying Remastone cladding panels to the front façade of your home, you could easily become the best house on your street. Or if it’s your friends and family you would prefer to impress over your surrounding neighbours, you could use our products to enhance your backyard by building stunning exterior features.

Whether you’re looking to create an exterior feature wall at the front or rear of your home, our selection offers you a variety of styles to help you realise your ultimate design. If you have a structure that frames your front porch, or a solid external wall that assists in supporting your outdoor patio then you have an ideal wall space that you could decorate with stone veneers. Alternatively, the walls surrounding your windows or garage door could be the perfect spot to add a touch of natural stone.

The Remastone range offers stone cladding panels and veneers in all sorts of colours, from light and bright neutral tones to warm and earthy shades, so you’ll be able to find the right colour palette to match your home. If you’re looking to build new exterior feature that doesn’t necessarily have to complement your existing home, then make sure you explore our range online or visit our showroom to find inspiration.

On your journey to finding inspiration, make sure you consider all of the potential design ideas for your exterior feature. In addition to stone feature walls you could also create elegant water features to either enhance your garden or accompany a pool area. Our Travertine Latte Cladding has a smooth and polished surface that allows for a graceful waterfall, or for more of a trickling waterfall effect, you could use our Slate or Rockface cladding options. With an uneven, staggered surface, both of these cladding styles encourage water to flow with more dynamic.

When you visit one of our Perth showrooms, our helpful team will be able to give you best practice tips to assist you in building your exterior feature. We can provide you with the advice you need to select the most appropriate product for your project and ensure you purchase a suitable size and quantity of your chosen material.

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