Do up your home with Remastone! We offer Perth’s widest selection of natural stone cladding panels that you can use to create your ultimate interior and exterior wall features. With so many styles available in the Remastone range, you’re bound to find the right product to suit your project.

Stone cladding is an excellent alternative to building an entire structure from stone as it offers a far more affordable option. Remastone cladding panels allow you to achieve the natural stone look by applying the materials to the surface of an existing structure, so you get the same end result, minus the hefty price tag!

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Our Wide Range of Stone Cladding Products

You can create almost any style of wall feature from our large selection of stone cladding products. From the sleek and chic look of Black Quartz, to the raw and rustic aesthetic of Slate, there’s a type of stone in the Remastone range to appeal to everyone’s tastes.

Our stone cladding panels are comprised of layers of stacked stone in a variety of sizes, from long and narrow strips to thicker, more rectangular pieces. These panels generally offer a neat and tidy symmetrical look that is contrasted by unique, organic textures.

Bring your walls to life, with our stone cladding

If you’re unsure of what to do with any empty wall space inside or outside of your home, then decorative stone cladding could be your perfect solution. Stacked stone cladding can breathe new life into tired, old walls and add both visual interest and raw texture to a surface that may have previously been plain and bare. On top of making the place you live even more attractive, it could also lead to an increase in the value of your home!

For a more rugged style, you can explore our stone veneer range. Stacked in horizontal and diagonal layers, our veneers are made up of random patterns of stones in assorted shapes and sizes. Each individual stone within our veneers tends to be a larger, chunkier stone than those used in our cladding panels. Our veneers also offer greater depth, with the occasional stone jutting out to create an interesting uneven surface.

Aside from being visually appealing, what makes stone wall coverings a welcome addition to any home is the robust strength of the material. Stone cladding and veneers stand up well against tough weather conditions and require very little maintenance, plus it can also provide extra insulation to your home.