Retaining Wall Ideas for Sloped Backyards

Retaining Wall Ideas for Sloped Backyards

Sloped backyards offer wonderful landscaping opportunities. However, they also offer some challenges that, while not insurmountable, need some consideration. Retaining walls are a prime example of just that.

Fortunately, there are a number of creative and practical solutions on how to use a retaining wall to great functional and aesthetic effect in a sloped backyard.

Challenges of Landscaping a Sloped Backyard

Apart from the uneven terrain of a backyard with a slope, there are a few other issues that need to be considered when considering how to arrange retaining wall blocks.

1. Erosion

Over time erosion can cause significant movement of your soil, fertiliser or sand so it is best to take a preventative approach from the outset.

2. Drainage

Rainwater and irrigation water all need adequate drainage facilities to ensure they don’t pool and cause issues.

3. Accessibility

Sloped backyards can also make ongoing maintenance difficult depending on the level of accessibility.

4. Functionality

The right retaining wall needs to not just look great and ensure erosion prevention, it also needs to contribute to making the rest of your outdoor space, garden or backyard usable and functional.

slopped backyard retainer wall with stairs and plants

Materials – Limestone Blocks

While there are numerous choices of material for use in retaining walls, one of the best options is limestone blocks.

Limestone makes for an excellent retaining wall material for three main reasons:

1.  Aesthetic

This natural stone is beautiful, perfectly blends in with an outdoor aesthetic and can really enhance the feel of a backyard.

2. Maintenance

Being durable and hardy, limestone blocks need very minimal maintenance which makes it ideal for busy homeowners.

3. Versatility

Limestone blocks are versatile in their size, shape and formation so they can be adapted to various landscapes and backyards, including sloping ones.

Using retaining walls in your backyard

Fortunately, the right retaining wall can be a perfect solution for just about any sloped backyard.

For one thing, the wall literally retains soil which can keep the landscape intact and stable rather than allowing erosion to occur over time. The more stable the landscape, the less likely landslides and soil displacement will occur as a result of rain and wind.

From a design point of view, retaining wall blocks allow you to allocate distinct areas within your sloped backyard for particular purposes. For example, it can outline a garden and fence off an area for recreational or entertainment use.

Have you considered incorporating a flower bed behind your retaining wall and up the slope of your backyard? The dynamic and vibrant colour of a raised garden as it follows the natural path of the slope can add a really wonderful element to the outdoor area.

There are few different garden ideas so you can find the one that best works with your needs.

Tiered garden design

This formation creates a mesmerising and impactful cascading effect by arranging rows of flower beds along the retaining wall.

Cascading plants

If you want something a little more bold and wild, consider selective plants cascading gracefully over the retaining wall’s edges to create that lush and natural feel.

Herb gardens

This one is for the home cooks out there. A herb garden behind your retaining wall can be both beautiful and practical. Sloping backyards can be particularly amenable to incorporating herb gardens with due consideration and planning.

stairs on a sloped backyard made from limestone blocks

Backyard stairs

Stairs can be a necessity or an aesthetic preference for your sloped backyard. Of course, this will depend on the level of accessibility, the angle of the slope and the size of your garden. Incorporating stairs isn’t all about safety and facilitating movement though.

Well-designed stairs made from natural stone can be a focal aesthetic point in your backyard and help to create a homely feel.

Seating and entertainment

Retaining wall blocks can also provide a foundation from which to build out the perfect outdoor lounging or entertaining space.

1. Benches

Built-in limestone block benches will blend seamlessly into your backyard aesthetic whilst affording you and your loved ones plenty of space to sit down and take a load off.

2. Nature nooks

If a larger flower bed either isn’t your vibe or strikes you as too much work, you can always use the retaining wall to carve out a neat little section of your backyard for an intimate garden nook.

3. Lighting

Outdoor backyards are great for the classic Aussie barbeque, for hosting friends and family or just for chilling out in your own time. Retaining walls provide plenty of opportunity to create innovative and effective lighting solutions to make your outdoor space just as usable during the night as it is appealing during the day.

4.  Fire Place or Water features

Admittedly, unless you’re particularly handy, this one may require a little more of an investment but an elegant water feature or fireplace built into your retaining wall can infuse a really impactful touch of tranquillity into your sloping backyard.

Let’s make the most of your sloped backyard today!

There is so much more you can achieve in your sloped backyard than just plants and grass. With the right retaining walls and the right limestone blocks you can transform your outdoor space into a truly inviting, enjoyable and functional area.

At Remastone, we know all things backyards and limestone, and help design the perfect retaining wall for clients across Perth day in and day out. So, whether you know exactly what you’re looking for and just need a professional team to help you bring your dream to life or are in search of more inspiration and ideas, contact us today.