Bluestone Pavers – The Natural Stone Advantage

Natural stone is an increasingly popular choice for paving outdoor areas. Compared to concrete and other artificial surfaces, natural stone has a unique look and charm. Its variation and the irregularities in colour and texture give it a lot of character. It blends in harmoniously with its surrounds, and is durable and workable. If you’re going for a more organic style, natural stone is a great option for many projects around the home, as well as commercial applications.

Advantages of Natural Stone

    • It’s environmentally-friendly as quarrying it expends less energy than manufacturing artificial alternatives, and it’s also naturally chemical-free.
    • Weather-proof. The textures make it a natural for outdoor use. Many natural pavers are effectively non-slippery, although there is variation in this.
    • Unique colours and texture. Your project will have its own non-reproducible signature with every surface being slightly different.
    • Add value to your home. The unique and attractive qualities of natural stone such as bluestone pavers can be a good investment and complement the design of your home and surrounds.

Where to use Natural Paving?

Natural stone paving works well for paving a variety of areas around the home, particularly places such as:

    • Patios
    • Pathways
    • Poolside

What is Australian Bluestone?

Australian Bluestone is a unique heritage type of stone, used for its unique qualities from colonial and Federation styles of building in the past, to modern and contemporary outdoor design today. It’s a basalt stone formed fro ancient lava flows which have crystallized into the particular colour and grain of Australian bluestone, which is different from other stone types found overseas which may also be called bluestone. We offer Bluestone Pavers in either Multi or Cloudy

It has a variety of colours, patterns and textures, however it’s most known for the darker, “true blue” colour used in many early architectural styles, particularly in cities such as Melbourne, where the bluestone cobbled lane-ways give a lot of characters to the inner city.

This type of bluestone gives a great look and texture to outdoor areas, but is not the only type to consider when looking at outdoor bluestone paving. In particular, a lighter bluestone is popular as well.

Tips for Using Australian Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone pavers can be installed by the home handyman, but for larger jobs or if you’re unsure about your skills, consider using the services of a skilled tradie.

Measure your intended area carefully to estimate the quantity you will need, and consider the cutting if any you will have to do. Simple jobs for the home can be designed to use only full sized pavers with no cutting, but many projects benefit from shaping.

For driveways and other areas that need to bear heavier loads, it’s important to check that the pavers you choose are thick enough for the job. Australian bluestone is strong and durable, but thinner pavestones can still crack under heavy weight.

Remastone expertise

Our range of bluestone includes:

Cloudy Bluestone – a lighter tone which is popular for a more sun-soaked outdoor look.

Multi Bluestone – typically shot through with yellows and grays, the marbling on this bluestone gives it a unique look.

For any questions about your paving needs, just give us a call. We are the experts in supplying Perth and beyond with a variety of Australian bluestone and other natural pavers, and can advise on a range of projects.