Creative Limestone Garden Edging Ideas

Creative Limestone Garden Edging Ideas

As its name suggests, garden edging is ideal for dividing your landscaping design into various spaces. By building borders around your lawn, garden beds and other features, you can create visual interest while also enjoying many practical benefits. With effective edging in place, you can ensure that soil from your garden will not spill out into surrounding areas. It will also prevent you from damaging your plants when using your mower on nearby grassed areas.

There are many materials that are suitable to use for garden edging, but for a classic and simple look that will complement almost any outdoor space, you can’t go past limestone. Made from natural rock, the creamy tones and organic textures of limestone provide a beautiful contrast with greenery and lush plant life. It’s also a highly durable and versatile material that can be used to create a wide range of visual styles.

If you’re looking to give your garden ‘an edge’ here are 5 creative ideas on how to incorporate limestone edging into your front or backyard.

Bold Geometric Shapes

It doesn’t matter whether you’re aiming for sleek minimalism or an intricate design, you can use garden edging in a geometric pattern to improve the aesthetic and functionality of your landscape.

On the more understated side, you could create long lines that are pleasing to the eye through the use of rectangular flower beds. Or you could go for a more symmetrical look and square off your lawn from the rest of your garden.

For those who want to make more of an impact, you could use all sorts of shapes to create a complex pattern. You could design an Alice In Wonderland-esque maze like effect or cut diamonds into your lawn and fill them with trees to add height to your landscape. Create a row of alternating, triangular shaped garden beds or separate parts of your outdoor area on a diagonal, using a zigzagging line of shrubbery. The only limit to your design idea is your own imagination!

Winding, Wavy Lines

For more of a gentle, subtle effect, you could style your limestone garden edging in undulating, flowing lines. Less harsh than a solid, straight edge, curved lines will create more visual unity between your lawn and your garden, while still physically separating the two areas.

If you’re working with a small front or backyard, wavy lines may help to create the impression of spaciousness. What’s more, if you have an oddly shaped or sloped area, you may be better off styling your edging in soft arches that take advantage of the uneven space, rather than drawing attention to it.

To take it to the next level, you could combine winding, wavy lines with geometric shapes to create a completely unique landscaping design.

Blaze a Trail

While garden edging is traditionally used to keep a clean boundary between lawn and plant life, you could also use it to border a garden pathway.

If you’re using gravel or pebbles to form walking trails throughout your landscape, you will need to find a way to contain the loose stones. Garden edging is the perfect way to restrict the movement of the stones and give your path a neat and tidy edge.

The creamy tones of limestone will always pair nicely with the silvery, blue-grey of crushed stone or the orange-red shades of gravel.

Create a Feature Statement

If you have an older property, you may have larger, established trees in your landscape. You can use garden edging to make a statement out of a tall tree by encircling or squaring off the area around the base of the trunk. On the other side of the limestone boundary you could either plant potted flowers or a decorative hedge. Alternatively, you could simply allow your lawn to grow around the tree, increasing the usable area in your yard.

Another idea for a feature statement could be a water fountain or a statue. Almost any focal point in your landscape can be bordered by garden edging, as long as it is resting on a surface that contrasts with the surrounding area. For instance, a water feature could be sitting on a bed of pebbles, with a limestone frame separating it from the rest of the garden.

Light the Way

One way to enhance any garden edging is design is to use clever lighting. Outdoor, LED strip lights are robust and flexible so you can apply them to the underside of your limestone edging to create a stunning effect.

LED strips will essentially light up the lines and shapes you have created, making your landscaping design even more eye-catching during the evenings. Available in a range of colours and colour temperatures, you could use LEDs to add a warm glow to your garden or you could create a vibrant, lighting design. At Christmas time you could even go for red and green to be extra festive.

No matter what garden edging idea you decide to pursue, you can get all of your limestone supplies from Remastone. Offering Perth’s highest quality, reconstituted limestone blocks, our friendly team will be able to help you select the right product for your landscaping design.