Design Ideas For Outdoor Patio Paving  

Design Ideas For Outdoor Patio Paving

While your patio paving needs to provide a solid foundation for your outdoor entertaining area, it can also be used to set the theme for your landscaping design. Much like how your floor coverings contribute to your interior décor style, the textures, colours and shapes of your pavers will also tie together the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to designing your outdoor patio paving. If you’re looking for some inspiration or direction, here are some ideas on how you could approach your DIY paving project.

Patio with table and chairs on grey concrete paversCreate Contrast with Concrete Pavers

When you hear the word ‘concrete’ you may be thinking drab, dull and boring, but this paving style can be used to create quite a striking effect. Concrete pavers come in a wide range of colours, from light and creamy right through to dark and earthy. By mixing different colours in a stylish pattern you can add some visual interest to an otherwise plain patio.

You could even create some unique, geometric designs by using square concrete pavers. Given the simple and even shape, square pavers are very versatile and can be used to form diamonds, decorative borders and much more.

The Rockford Range by Remastone offers square concrete pavers in warm and natural hues.

Try French Pattern Travertine

silver french surrounding patio at a display home

Silver French Natural Stone Paver

If you’re looking for a simple yet sophisticated style, French pattern travertine could be exactly what your patio needs. It involves using square and rectangular travertine pavers in a variety of sizes to create a repetitive design that blends together seamlessly.

Made from durable, natural stone, travertine comes in neutral shades ranging from simple beige to silver grey. Unlike concrete pavers that provide a uniform look, each travertine tile is completely unique with a marbled surface. The uneven, swirling tones of travertine pavers make them perfectly suited to a French pattern arrangement.

Remastone has a selection of travertine pavers available in the ideal shapes and sizes to create a French pattern.

Have a Go at Herringbone

It can be tricky to lay pavers in a herringbone pattern, but if you’re up for the challenge you can make a very bold statement. By placing the pavers at 45-degree angles, you can start to build up diagonal rows until you end up with stacked look comprised of zig-zagging lines. As an alternative, you can line the pavers up at 90-degree angles instead.

To achieve this intricate design, it’s best to use pavers in a rectangle shape. Remastone offers many varieties of rectangular natural stone pavers, with options in travertine, granite and bluestone.

Lavishly Large Pavers

large chrome porcelain pavers

Chrome Porcelain Pavers

While herringbone paving focusses on the detail, large pavers provide more of a minimalist aesthetic. If you would like to create the impression of spaciousness, you can use large, porcelain pavers in a sleek design. With subtle lines, this elegant look can elevate almost any outdoor space.

Explore the Remastone range of large, porcelain pavers to get your creative juices flowing.

dark bluestone pavers in a path with pebbles

Dark Bluestone Natural Stone Pavers

Keep It Natural & Neutral

Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. Natural stone pavers will complement almost any landscaping design. Available in organic and neutral shades, bluestone and granite pavers go well with greenery as well as poolside areas. As natural stone pavers are very durable and low on maintenance, they are a very popular choice for outdoor patio paving.

You’ll always be able to find the right type of paver for your DIY project at Remastone. Discover our natural stone options today – Contact us to get started!