Design Your Patio Like a Pro

We’ve put together a range of inspiring paver patterns and designs so that you can design your patio like a pro. When it comes to planning a patio, most people focus on the types of pavers they’re going to use. Given that, in Perth, pavers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and finishes, this is completely understandable. However, you shouldn’t overlook your paver pattern.

The pattern of your pavers can affect the look of your patio just as much as the types of pavers you choose. What’s more, choosing a more creative pattern can add a little extra visual interest to the space. Best of all, the only limit to your design truly is your imagination.

If you need a little inspiration, here are our top paver pattern ideas.

Traditional patterns

Running Bond:

This is one of the most common paver patterns and is particularly popular for rectangular pavers. It involves offsetting alternating lines by 1/2 so each join lines up with the middle of the pavers either side.

1/3 Running Bond:

Similar to the Running Bond, but the join is off-centre when compared to the pavers either side. Again, this is a popular pattern idea for pavers that are rectangular.

Stack Bond:

Also similar to the Running Bond, but all of the edges join up to create a continuous line through the space. This style is best described as a true grid and works especially well with square pavers.

Basket Weave:

This style requires pavers that are twice as long as they are wide (e.g. like most building bricks). It involves using sets of two pavers to form squares, with the centre join alternating between horizontal and vertical.


This is a slightly more complicated pattern that requires pavers that are at least twice as long as they are wide. It is a very geometric pattern with pavers laid at 90o angles to create a “stair” shape.

More creative paver pattern ideas

One of the best ways to add extra detail to your design is to use pavers of different sizes. These designs tend to be more flexible and can be adjusted and repeated to fill the space. They also make it easy to add additional texture and colour to your patio area.

Popular multi-size paver pattern ideas include:

Spanish Bond:

This design involves two different paver sizes – smaller squares and rectangles that are twice the size of the squares. These are laid to form a larger square, with the rectangles forming a frame around the squares.


This design also involves two different paver sizes – larger squares and smaller squares that are a quarter of the size. The smaller squares are laid to form a larger square, which is alternated with the larger square single paver.

Box Pattern:

There are multiple versions of the box pattern using different combinations of paver sizes and shapes. The simplest uses two squares – one a

quarter of the size of the other – alternating their use to create a consistent pattern.


These are just a few examples of more intricate paving pattern ideas. However, the options are endless.

This is particularly true when you use concrete pavers, as they can easily be cut to any size and shape. This means you can make your pattern as intricate as you like and still be sure that they will fit together. As a leading provider of concrete pavers in Perth, Remastone can help you come up with a design that is both unique and beautiful.

Creating contrast

Using contrasting materials or colours is one of the best ways to add depth and visual interest to a design. Thankfully, because of the many and varied types of pavers available, this is fairly easy to do.

An accent colour is a great way to create contrast. Whether you alternate from paver to paver or choose to highlight specific shapes, contrasting colours can complement any paver pattern idea.

Breaking up the space

Did you know that clearly defining your patio space can actually make it seem bigger? This can be done by using a different type of paver to create a border or bands to break up the space. You can also use different patterns in different areas – like a circle pattern around your firepit and a Stack Bond in your outdoor dining area.

Adding extra texture

Some people prefer to keep their design simple and add visual interest through their choice of materials. Exposed aggregate paving is a great example of this, providing all the beauty and sophistication of poured concrete, but with the ease and cost-effectiveness of paving. It’s also manufactured in a range of sizes, making it perfect for any paver pattern idea.


Need help planning your pavers in Perth?

Whether you’re laying new patio paving, or overhauling your outdoor space, Remastone is here to help. We’re Perth’s concrete paver specialists and can tailor a design to suit your style and budget. We also stock one of the largest ranges of other types of pavers in WA and can deliver to anywhere in the South West region.

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