Selecting the Right Pavers for Your Pool

Selecting the Right Pavers for Your Pool

As an industry leader in pool paving Perth wide, the team here at Remastone have an immense amount of appreciation for just how hard it can be to choose the right pavers for your pool.

Stone, exposed aggregate, masonry… There are plenty of great options to choose from.

To help you find the perfect solution for your pool and surroundings, we’ve put together this handy guide about what to look for and what the advantages of the different options are.

Factors to Consider in Pavers Around Pools

1. Durability

Pools are areas that are exposed to a lot of different elements. Being outside, there’s the weather, temperature, and surroundings. Then there’s the foot traffic, activities and general wear and tear associated with a pool.

Whether you’re considering stone, aggregate or porcelain pavers, you need to consider the durability of each material and option. If you’re going to invest money into re-paving your pool, you’ll want to know the investment will last a while.

2. Cost

Price is always an important factor to bear in mind, no matter your budget. Remember to consider not just the cost of the raw material, which can vary widely, but also consider the amount of labour involved.

Some materials can be more difficult and therefore labour intensive to install. The more labour required, the higher the price.

3. Colours/Appearance

Fortunately, the team at Remastone have you more than covered regarding the style and aesthetic of your pool paving. Many of the different options come in a variety of shades, styles, and colours, but if you’re looking for a particular visual look, you might want to consider which kind of pavers best suit your preferences.

4. Heat

There’s probably no need to tell you that it can get hot in Australia, especially in Perth. Even though the pavers around your pool certainly need to be durable against foot traffic and water, don’t forget to consider the element of heat.

Heat can cause material to react in all sorts of ways. But more importantly, it can also heat up different pavers in different ways. The last thing you’re going to want is for your pavers to be too hot to walk over during the summer.

5. Slip Resistance

Slip resistance is another highly important but often overlooked factor to consider. It should go without saying that pool pavers tend to get wet and splashed and without proper traction in the form of appropriate pavers, you might find the ground too slippery and dangerous for your and your family’s liking.

6. Matching Pool Coping

Pool coping is the edging that goes around the perimeter of your pool. Whether you choose square, round, or overhanging pool coping it’s important for the aesthetic of your outdoor area that your pavers and coping match.

Options for Pool Paving

1. Porcelain Pool Pavers

Porcelain pavers are popular in Perth. Thanks to their non-slip surface, resistance to chemicals and durability against fading and staining, they’re practical and affordable. Porcelain material is very easy to clean and maintain, and with a wide range of colours available, it’s simple to keep it looking exactly the way you want it to.


2. Natural Stone Pool Pavers

Natural stone, such as marble, limestone or travertine and pool pavers are a classic and timeless option. The nature of stone makes it a perfectly suitable aesthetic to outdoor living areas. Plus, the surfaces are heat-resistant, slip resistant, hardy, and cool even during hot summer days. See our Natural Stone Pool Pavers range.

3. Exposed Aggregate Pool Pavers

Exposed aggregate pavers are a unique but still popular option for pools. The visually complex and alluring design offers plenty of customisability whilst still being practical at the same time. Exposed aggregate is low maintenance and highly durable at the same time, which is great for both busy and/or lazy pool owners.


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