Transform your poolside with the perfect pavers

For many Australians, their pool is the focal point of their backyard and a central attraction for family members, friends, and visitors. That’s why ensuring that your choice of outdoor pool pavers takes your pool to the next level rather than holds it back is important.

Transforming your outdoor area with a fresh, new look doesn’t have to be overwhelming either. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you. It’s the perfect starting point in your journey towards creating a pool area that functions practically and appeals visually.

How to find the right swimming pool deck pavers


Of course, an important part of renovating your outdoor area with new pool pavers is choosing the right look to suit the style you’re wanting to achieve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re opting for travertine or limestone to achieve that natural stone aesthetic and complement carefully chosen plants and trees, or timber decking to match a rustic design. The colour and style of your pool area’s pavers should help to elevate the look and feel you want from your outdoor pool.

Strength and Durability

Pools are exposed to a lot of elements: from the salt and chlorine in the pool itself (not to mention other chemicals) to the constant exposure to water (from both the pool and rain). The best pavers to go around your pool need to offer the durability and long-term strength to stand the test of time and use.

Easy to Repair

Considering the high amounts of foot traffic pool coping weathers and the likelihood, especially with children, that your stones are going to cop a beating, it’s important that you choose pool pavers that can be relatively easy and affordable to repair.


We ask a lot from our outdoor pool pavers. We want a beautifully shiny yet non-slip surface finish, heat and glare resistance, and easily sealed tiling that can deal with the large amounts of water and moisture it’s going to be exposed to. The best pavers for your pool area will offer the versatility in both application and benefit to tick ALL the boxes, and then some.


The price of your pool transformation is always going to be an important factor to consider. While the material and labour costs of the initial installation can vary from material to material, it’s also important to remember that there are more than upfront costs to consider. How long lasting will your pavers be? Will they need expensive maintenance or (as mentioned above) repairs? Often, investing in better quality yet more expensive materials can translate into cost savings down the line.

Best Pool Pavers for You to Consider

Travertine Pool Pavers

Travertine is another natural stone option for use in your pool pavers. Popular for good reason, travertine offers all the visual benefits of beautiful stone with renowned durability. Its strength as a material and beautiful warm colour shading gives you the best of both worlds: a stunning outdoor pool paver with excellent functionality.

See our Travertine Paver – Silver & Travertine Paver – Latte.

Porcelain Pool Pavers

Moving away from stone options, porcelain is an excellent material to use for pavers in a pool area. With anti-slip features and high resistance and durability to the natural elements, it’s a practical choice. Plus, it’s easy to clean and highly non-porous, both of which are ideal for the pool area.

See our Porcelain Pavers.

Bluestone Pool Pavers

Bluestone is an increasingly popular option for use around pools. These pavers offer reliable high performance as the stone is very dense, making it resistant to wear and tear even over time. The natural non-slip surface is particularly suitable for use as a pool paver, and bluestone comes in a number of styles of stones and slabs so that you can achieve just about any design you want.

Aggregate Pool Pavers

The Exquisite Collection is a fine grade Exposed Aggregate with a sandblast finish, made of natural raw materials that are rich in colour that will naturally blend into any outdoor surround. This highly fashionable range is available in different sizes, the ideal alternative to poured exposed aggregate concrete. It offers elegance and durability and are easily replaced, removed and relayed if required.

See our Exposed Aggregate Pavers.

Let Remastone Pave the Way to Your Perfect Pool Pavers

The right choice of material can make or break your entire outdoor and pool area. As we’ve outlined, there’s a lot to consider—whether it’s design, durability, affordability, or functionality—and a lot of choices for you to make.

If you’re looking for the best stone or material for use around your pool, make sure to check out Remastone’s wide selection of pool pavers. If you need help deciding or finding out which is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.