What are Exposed Aggregate Pavers?

What are Exposed Aggregate Pavers?

Exposed aggregate pavers are becoming more and more popular for use in the home and garden. Here at Remastone, we’re a market leader in providing excellent exposed aggregate material for just about any application.

But if you’re wondering what exactly this unique type of paver is or why you should (or shouldn’t, for that matter) consider using it on your property, we’re here to break it all down for you.

What are exposed aggregate pavers?

Much like its name suggests, exposed aggregate is a form of concrete finish that is created using a variety (aggregate) of stones, pebbles, shells, and other types of decorative material bonded together in a layer of concrete.

Being exposed, the aggregate of different materials is still visible and touchable in the concrete pavers. Due to this, the surface has a unique look and tactile texture which offers a number of both advantages and disadvantages.

What is it used for?

In short, just about anything!

Exposed aggregate in Perth homes is often used as pavers around pools, in driveways or even patios. Often preferred for its aesthetic appeal, it is still a highly practical and functional material for use in external construction applications,

Advantages of Exposed Aggregate

Slip Resistance

Being composed of a variety of exposed smaller materials, aggregate has a highly textured surface layer. This offers a few benefits, not least of which is the slip resistance and improved traction.

In Perth, exposed aggregate pavers are often preferred for pool areas for this reason: It remains slip-resistant even when wet and/or exposed to a lot of foot traffic and activity.

Design Versatility

As you can imagine based on the many different ways aggregate pavers are manufactured, there’s a ton of versatility in colour, texture, design, and style.

Finding the right type of exposed aggregate to complement your existing home’s style, your own preferences or to create the aesthetic you’re after is easy.

Return on Investment

Being highly durable and impressively hardy, exposed aggregate lasts forever and looks good at the same time! If you’re repaving your driveway or putting in pavers around your pool, you’ll want to rest assured that your investment is stretching as far as possible.

With exposed aggregate, that return on investment is guaranteed to make you happy!

Low Maintenance

Importantly, just a little tender love and care is all it takes to keep the exposed aggregate looking fantastic. Easy to clean and simple to maintain, it’s more than just a stylistic option of for a paver but a very functional and practical one as well.

Perfect for Perth

Exposed Aggregate pavers in Perth are popular for good reason. Being resistant to weathering and not prone to cracking, it’s fantastic for use in our mild winters and hot summers. The unique and textured appearance of these pavers means that there’s almost certainly an aggregate paver that will perfectly suit your home too.

Disadvantages of Exposed Aggregate

Initial Cost

As mentioned above, exposed aggregate is a solid investment. However, you will need to consider the initial cost as it tends to be more expensive than other paving materials. The installation process can be a little more complex, which can add to labour and therefore to the overall price.

Surface is not Smooth

Part of the appeal–but also the disadvantage–of exposed aggregate is that its surface is not completely smooth. The many different materials embedded and exposed in the layer of cement mean that it may not be the most suitable option for applications like garage floors.

By the same token,

can be a little harder to keep clean than completely smooth surfaces due to its inherent texture.

Remastone: The Perth specialist in exposed aggregate pavers

We’re not going to lie: The team here at Remastone love all things exposed aggregate pavers. Whether it’s incorporated in your home or around the garden, it looks fantastic, works a treat, and lasts for a long, long time.

If you’re considering this awesome material or just want to find out more about what it is and how it works, make sure to turn to the specialist in exposed aggregate pavers in Perth: Remastone! We’d be more than happy to provide you with a custom, competitive quote today.