5 stunning examples of exterior stone cladding

Your home is your castle, and your castle deserves to be magnificent in every way. Using stone for your house’s exterior is an achievable, affordable and effective way of turning your house into a truly beautiful work of art.

Think that it’s going to break the bank? Guess again, because with exterior stone cladding anyone can create the home of their dreams!

The Benefits of Exterior Stone Veneers


Stone cladding offers all of the beautiful aesthetic of natural stone but without the costly investment of complete stone wall construction. There are few materials that are quite as beautiful as stone, and stone cladding allows you to enjoy the true authentic beauty of stunning stone.

Moreover, there’s plenty of versatility and variety in stone cladding out there. No matter what your personal style, there’s a stone veneer aesthetic perfectly suited to your tastes.


Looks aren’t everything but stone cladding exteriors have it where it counts as well. Stone is hardy, durable, and long lasting so you’ll love standing outside your home and staring at its beauty not just on the day it’s installed but every day for many years to come.

Designed and installed not just for looking at but for living in, stone is wear and tear resistant so it’s the smart long term investment solution for you.

Smart Financial Investment

Stone can be used in a variety of ways in your house’s exterior, but stone cladding offers a unique combination of cost minimisation with style maximisation. By using stone veneer exteriors, you get to create the home of your dreams without the price tag of your nightmares.

Moreover, stone cladding can add substantial value to your home should you choose to sell it in the future. This long-lasting stone solution is a smart investment with a potentially high return in more ways than one.

5 Stunning Exterior Stone Cladding Ideas – Find your inspiration

We’ve assembled five different and varied examples of just how exterior stone cladding can be used to transform your home. Regardless of the size, style and structure of your home, stone cladding can bring elegance and magnificence to your house. Ready for some stone inspo? Here are five stunning examples of how you can use stone cladding on your home.

The Sleek, Modern Home

Do you love the sleek, modern aesthetic? Stone cladding can help you achieve a truly stunning design that oozes sophistication, elegance and detail. With light coloured stone it’ll make your house absolutely shine and keep the overall aesthetic clean and glorious.

There’s plenty of opportunity to mix and match your favourite materials as well. Take the home below: You can see how this stunning house combines a metal, shed-like roof and rich wood with elegant stone cladding.

With exterior stacked stone walls, you too can achieve this stunning design.

The Warm Country-Style House

There are few materials and designs that evoke such homeliness and warmth as rich stone cladding. Whether you opt for a French country look or rustic farmhouse aesthetic, stone cladding can bring your ideal home design to life.

There’s plenty of opportunity to make the design your own. As you can see with the gorgeous home below, you can use a mix of different stone shapes, sizes and colours to achieve a highly textured and intricate level of depth for your home. Coupled with meticulously lawned gardens and rich greenery, and you’ll absolutely love traditionally styled stone cladding on your home.

The Spring Garden Home

Want to keep it traditional yet infused with nature? Do you simply love the subtle gorgeous quality of off-white stone? It’s all possible with stone cladding exteriors.

The home below perfectly encapsulates how you can achieve a stunning house style and capture that fresh spring-garden feeling. Complemented by richly coloured tiled roofing and stunning window/door frames, the soft, earthy tones of the wall cladding combine the ultimate in home comfort with the epitome of stunning sophistication.

The Traditional Multi-Stone Cladding

Are you after a home design that’s exceptionally vibrant without being overstated? This stunning example shows how even a wide variety of different coloured stones can be used effectively as part of exterior stone veneers. 

The range of light earthy browns combined with the elegant classically stone coloured pavers, and speckled with deep, dark stones, brings to life a truly stunning yet still traditional home.

There’s no need for you to compromise your other aesthetic preferences either, as you can see, because this style suits just about any veranda, balcony, window, and roof style, traditional or otherwise.

The Opulent, Luxurious Home

How’s this stunning two-storey beauty? By choosing smooth and polished white (or off-white) stone pavers for the exterior cladding this home designer is accentuating the mansion-like design of a moderately sized home. The darker elements in the roof and window/door trimmings are eye-catchingly highlighted by the background exterior stone cladding.

But there’s nothing subtle about the overall effect. The modern and minimalist colour scheme accentuates the contemporary squared front pillars and window shapes.

Think this utterly luxurious looking home is beyond your grasp? With exterior stone veneers, it absolutely isn’t!


Just the tip of the iceberg…

These stunning examples of exterior stone cladding are just a few of the many, many possibilities out there. Stone comes in a range of types, colours, shading, shapes and sizes, so there’s just about nothing you can’t achieve.

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