The unexpected benefits of using split face blocks

There are a lot of decisions and options when it comes to your building projects. From type of structure to material, there’s a ton to consider and pros and cons for each option.

While split face blocks are becoming more and more popular for the unique look, they bring to your retaining wall or structure, there are many lesser-known benefits and advantages to using split face limestone blocks.

What is a split face block?

A split face block refers to a building unit, made from stone or concrete, which appears to be split or hand-chiselled in a highly textured way.

Split face blocks are also referred to as split faced blocks or rock faced blocks, but they’re all pretty much the same thing.

Known for its iconic textured aesthetic, split face blocks are popular building blocks throughout Perth as they add a level of detail and inner depth, regardless of whether they are limestone or another material.

How are split face blocks made?

The first step to making a split face block is by manufacturing two (or more) smaller blocks into one larger one. This ensures that the surface area is large enough for the rest of the process.

The blocks need to be completely cured (i.e., stuck together) before the next step in the process can be taken. Insufficient time curing can compromise the strength and durability that split face blocks are known and popular for.

Quite counterintuitively, the next step is to break the combined blocks apart again. The reason this is done is to expose the internal aggregates of the blocks themselves. This is often done using a specialised machine and is done with specific calculations of the aggregates to achieve the desired colour, shading and aesthetic.

Once put together into a single block again, the split face block needs to be sealed. Due to the nature of the exposed aggregates, without professional sealing the blocks can be more porous than ordinary natural stone or limestone blocks.

After the sealing process is complete, you’re ready to use the versatile split face block in just about any application you need or want.

What are the benefits of split face blocks?


A split face block brings extra durability and strength. Not only does this mean that it is more damage resistant, whether through abrasion or general wear and tear, but it also allows for longer lasting structures ensuring your time, money and effort lasts for longer.

Secure Foundation

Builders often choose a split face block to provide a more secure and strong foundation. Particularly for foundations such as retaining walls, which are going to incorporate structures built on top of it, you’re going to want a highly secure and reliable block/blocks underpinning it all.

Fire and Termite Resistant

Another appealing benefit of split face blocks is the high level of resistance to both damaging fire and termites. Particularly for applications outside and exposed to pests and the elements of the environment, split face blocks offer plenty of advantages.

Cost Effectiveness

There are a lot of practical benefits to take into consideration when looking for the right construction blocks, but the cost effectiveness and affordability shouldn’t be a forgotten factor. Don’t be surprised if your split faced blocks are more expensive than the standard and smooth blocks available. In the long run, these blocks are more cost effective as the need for repair or replacement is substantially less.

Even insurance costs are lowered by having split face blocks thanks to their durability and resistant qualities against fire, termites and other risk factors.

Visual Appeal

Want something eye catching and different? Split face blocks offer plenty of visual aesthetic appeal. With a rich, textured surface that offers depth and interest, you can transform a retaining or external wall into a layered work of art with split face blocks.

There’s plenty of opportunity to customise the style and colour, whether you opt for concrete or limestone blocks, beyond the usual stone-colour grey or sand-coloured natural stone. With just about limitless options, finding the perfect solution for your particular application isn’t a hassle.


Split face blocks are a builder’s dream. Available in just about all sizes and shapes, they’re endlessly versatile for any application. There are a variety of finishes and a range of weights, so it’s not hard to achieve a unique and exclusive look for your building application.

Long Lasting

In addition to being cost effective by requiring less repairs and replacements, split face blocks are guaranteed to last a long time. Your initial investment will go further and offer greater, more sustained returns on investment compared with other construction block choices.

Minimal Maintenance

Split face blocks are hassle-free from day one. Requiring minimal maintenance to keep clean and effective, apart from applying a water repellent every 3-5 years and resealing every 5-7 years, there’s not much more that is required.

Rammed Earth Block and Limestone Blocks

Remastone is the leader in cladding, pavers, limestone blocks and retaining walls in Perth and the South West.

Our split face blocks come in two types and styles.

Rammed Earth Block

This split face block has a charming finish that makes for perfect use in small retaining walls, garden edging or even pizza oven and BBQ stands.

Thanks to its compact and lightweight nature, it’s easy to use and incorporate in a variety of applications.

Limestone Block

Limestone blocks are elegant in design and superior in structure compared with other material and block options. Excellent for feature walls, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, garden edging and general building construction, there are many reasons to choose this highly durable and strong split face block.

How can we help you with your split face block needs?

The Remastone team have helped many customers with their needs related to building blocks Perth-wide. So, if you’re interested in using split face blocks in or around your home, or just want to chat all things limestone blocks, check out our website and contact us today.